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      To all his interrogations her answer had been the same. She was not unhappy. She had everything in life that she desired. There was nothing that he could give her, no possible change in their existence which could add to her content. All this should mean domestic peace, a heart at ease; yet all this was unsatisfying to Martin Disney; for his instinct told him that his wife was not happythat the element of gladness was, for some inscrutable reason, banished from her life.

      "My brother," explained Bergan, as the new comer looked a little hesitatingly at Hubert. "Would you like to see me alone?"

      "It is better to have lost it," replied Astra quickly, and with a slight shudder. "One can live in the hope of finding it again."

      Isola was not mistaken, for Mrs. Crowther called three or four days afterwards and upbraided her for sending the cards."If it means," replied Bergan, "that we are to know sunshine and shade together, little more could be predictedor desiredof any earthly acquaintance."


      Mr. Crowther sent for the police authorities of Fowey, and set his wrongs before them."Don't you see," returned Mrs. Bergan, seriously, "that if ever Carice is to become over-interested in Bergan, now is the time,now that he is presented to her imagination in the attractive light of a long neglected and misunderstood, but patient, persevering, and, finally, all-conquering hero?"


      "Pardon me," said he, "but that sort of aid, I can give myself, if it be necessary."


      Martin protested warmly against any such arrangement.The Major frowned; nevertheless, after another moment, he resumed his dictation.