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      For reply there came a light in Anna's face that shone into his heart and was meant so to shine, yet her dissent was prompt: "I must. I must. Oh, Capt--Captain Kincaid, I love that flag too well to let it go misnamed. It's the flag of all of us who made it, us hundred girls--"Let me go with you, Varley, she said. I can ride behind, as Ive often done. Im not a bit heaviersee!

      He succeeded in hiring one, and was preparing to start, when Johnson, who had been regarding him curiously, laid a huge hand upon his shoulder.The man looked up at her for a moment in silence.

      In another way. Yes, I knowin another way, she said.

      Very well, said Esmeralda, with a sigh.

      Half a dozen, perhaps, said Varley, meditatively. What time does the coach pass the Gulch?Every man seized a glass, full or empty, and up they went as high as arm could extend them. A mighty roar rose from the packed crowd, while shouts of Esmeraldaour Esmeralda![286] rent the air. The mob seemed mad with pride and delight. Esmeralda had come back. It seemed too good to be true. Men laughed hysterically; Taffy and Bill danced with ecstasy. Men who had been mortal enemies a few minutes ago shook hands and laughed in each others faces. There were some whose eyes were wet. And through all the phases of expression there ran the current of an emotion which shook Three Star to its foundations.


      Norman colored and shook his head."Oh, don't they!" laughed the sea-dog to Hilary. But duty called. "No, no, Miss Val--! Don't try that plank alone! Captain Kincaid, will you give--? That's right, sir.... Now, Captain Irby, you and Miss Callender--steady!"


      "Listen!" repeated Flora, and across the curtained veranda and in at the open windows, under the general clamor, came a soft palpitating rumble. Did Hilary hear it, too? He was calling:


      I will make it up to you, Trafford, she whispered in so low a voice that, but for the movement of her lips, he might have fancied that she had not spoken.Yes; she is the sweetest and dearest girl in all the world, she said. And you are just finding it out? Ah, how happy you must be!