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      Trafford was silent, and Varley went on, speaking slowly, and as if he had already prepared his words:Thats a lie! said Varley. My daughter has been stolen from our camp. She is here!

      She took off her gown, and rolled train and bodice into a bundle as small as she could make them. Then she looked about the cabin for some object with which to weight her bundle. Yes, that would do. A little brass dolphin that was used to steady the open door. That was heavy enough, perhaps. She put it into the middle of her bundle, tied a ribbon tightly round the whole, and then she opened the scuttle port and dropped her wedding-garment into the sea. The keen fresh wind, the wind from pine-clad hills and distant snow mountains, blew in upon her bare neck and chilled her; but it helped to cool the fever of her mind, and she sat down and leant her head upon her clasped hands, and tried to think what she must do to free herself from the toils in which guilty love had caught her.

      Lady Wyndover laughed.

      How dare I? For Gods sake, what do you mean? he exclaimed. Why do you look at me like thiswhy do you talk to me! What about Esmeralda? She is here, isnt she? And he looked round vaguely.