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      "Oh, d?an't leave me, Robert."

      "Is that the way with the rebel cavalry?" asked Monty Scruggs, with his mouthful of crackers and meat. "Do they come like a hurricane, and disappear again like an April shower?"Another trial to him now was that Robert seemed half-hearted. Hitherto he had always worked conscientiously and well, even though he had never been smart or particularly keen; but now he seemed to loaf and slackhe dawdled, slipped clear of what he could, and once he actually asked Reuben for wages! This was unheard-ofnot one of Reuben's sons had ever dreamed of such a thing before.

      She gave him the cream bowl. Their hands accidentally touched; she pulled hers away, and the bowl fell and was broken.


      "So's mine; so's mine," echoed the rest, as they examined."Once again," she said slowly, "I ask youis it worth while?"


      "A nice guy?" he said. "I wouldn't know, Miss Forzane."


      Then rushed the steeds to battle driven,