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      "Why, Smith,--" He extended a soothing hand.

      "Why, the other one--the son. Lieutenant, is she that monster's wife?"

      At the highest point of the mountainabout eighteen hundred feet above the water-levelthere is a signal-station, where all vessels coming into port are announced by means of flags. Our friends were carried along a zigzag road to this station, the coolies stopping every few minutes to rest from the fatigue of ascending a steep road with a burden on their shoulders. At the station they had a view extending a long distance out to sea and over the coast of China, and the mountain was so nearly perpendicular that it seemed as if they could toss a penny on the town or into the harbor. Fred tried it, and so did Frank; but after throwing away several ounces of copper, and finding they only went a short distance, they abandoned the experiment. They returned well satisfied with the excursion, and agreed that no one who visits Hong-kong should omit the journey to the top of the mountain."Not an escaped lunatic," he protested, and tried to shake his head. But the attempt to do so merely started his ears flapping again.

      The ladies flew to the house and the rest of us to the stable. In its door Ferry stopped to look back upon the road while Gholson and I darted in, but now he, too, sprang to his horse's side. "How many, Lieutenant?" I cried, as the three of us saddled up.

      My whole nature was upheaved. You may smile, but my plight was awful. In the sultry night I grew cold. My bridle-hand, still lying under her palm, turned and folded its big stupid fingers over hers. Then our hands slid apart and we rode back. "I wish I were good enough to know the stars," she said, gazing up. "Tell me some of them."

      She said something about the British Museum Library that I did not understand, she said."Lieutenant O'Brien, of the rebel army. Shall I order this man to kick that door in? Answer quickly."




      Oh, maynt I began John, with an eye to cherries.


      But she wont talk and cryandand not understand? asked Alice.