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      "What else did Mr. Keesing tell you?" she asked scornfully.The sketches in this first number are the original ones published in The National Tribune in 1885-6, revised and enlarged somewhat by the editor.


      "You haven't much of an opinion of women, have you?"

      "Of course," said Pen. She was reminded of Blanche and Spike."Thankee, ma'am; I don't feel a bit dry," answered the Deacon, with his eyes fastened on the hill top. "Si, Shorty, Capt. McGillicuddy," he yelled.

      They saluted and turned away too full for utterance. After they had gone a little distance the Deacon remarked, as if communing with himself:

      Ever since he had got hold of that little name he could scarcely address five words to her without using it, and every time he spoke it he caressed it. Pen was reassured.



      The reply that came to Shorty's lips was that they seemed to be losing a great deal of liberty rather than gaining it, but he checked this by the fear that it would be construed as an ungentlemanly boast of their capture. He said, instead:Si couldn't think of anything to say that would do justice to his feelings; and so, with wailing and gnashing of teeth, and a few muttered words that he didn't learn in Sunday school, he got ready to take his place in the company.


      "Now, gol durn ye, you're my prisoner. I'd like to blow the top o' yer head off fer spilin' my dinner, but I won't do it this time. But you jist git up 'n' come 'long with me!"The tears began to flow again, but Blanche shook her head savagely. "I'm not going to cry again! I'm not going to cry any more till I see this through!"