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      Anna's face went into her hands, and face and hands to Flora's shoulder; but in the next breath she clutched the shoulder and threw up her head, while the far strain of a bugle faintly called, "Head of column to the right."

      Are you safe, comfortable? he asked, patting the hands clasped round him."I'd make you take it," she protested as Flora pinned it on, "if I hadn't thrown it away."

      I think you are not too young to follow their example, he said, blandly.With his hand still extended, Norman returned her gaze with one almost as startled and bewildered as her own.

      Are you old? said Esmeralda, with her appalling candor. I shouldnt have thought you were.

      I dont know, he said, evasively. It was a stupid speech. Most girls like to play the part; she will play it very well.


      Now, what was he to do? Well, there was only one thing to doto keep the promise he had made her. She had behaved nobly. If she had left him, and gone back to that place in Australia, he could scarcely have blamed her. She had sacrificed herself, had condemned herself to living in the same house with him, to avoid a scandal; he must do what he could to make her life at least endurable.



      They separated at the bed of the river and rode openly in the direction opposite to that of the coach road, as if they were simply out for a gallop. They, at any rate, reached their appointed place without, so far as they could tell, being seen, and well hidden by the darkness under the trees and the thick scrub, waited for the coach.If Esmeralda wanted to ride or drive, he himself went down to the stable and saw to the harnessing of the horse; if she wanted to walk, he got her sunshade or umbrella, and guarded her from the rays of kingly Sol, or Jupiter Pluvius, as if she were something so precious that heat or rain might melt. He would rise from the table to carry to her some trifle that he thought she might want, and every morning he gathered with his own hand a little bunch of flowers which, with his own hand, he placed beside her plate.