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      "I'm trying to help him" Norma began.

      They all talk about equality, friends, and you know what equality is? Equality is a license to rob you blind and steal you blind, to cut you up and leave the pieces for the garbage collector, to stuff what's left of you down an oubliette, friend, and forget about you. That's what equality is, friends, and don't you let them tell you any different."I want to be able to git out to the next covenant meetin', Pap," said Si with a grin, "and hear you confess to the brethren and sisters all that you've bin up to down at Chattanoogy."

      She seemed harder now, somehow, more decided. Dodd saw that the one attack had changed a lotin Norma, in everyone. Albin, for instance, wasn't involved with fun any more: he had turned into a fanatical drill-sergeant, with a squad of Alberts under him, and it was even rumored that he slept in their quarters.But, after all, Gornom was only an elder and not a master. He could be wrong.

      In despair, the Deacon turned to a man who wore a Major's shoulder-straps.

      "I'm Corp'l Elliott, sir, of Co. Q, 200th Injianny Volunteer Infantry.""Well," said Conductor Madden, after some deliberation, "I believe what you boys say. You're not the kind to get rattled and make rebels out of cedar-bushes. All the same, there's nothing to do but go ahead. My orders were to take this train through to Chattanooga as quick as I could. I can't stop on a suspicion."

      Cadnan took a deep breath of the air. It was, of course, scented with the musk of the Alberts, but Cadnan could not recognize it: like his fellows, he had no sense of smell. "Different is not good," he said, perceiving a lesson.


      The Colonel looked at the muster with sad eyes.


      Bragg on Mission Ridge, and I am going to do my best to go