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      The moment he said that Norah knew that she did not want to be paid at all for her work on the catalogue. When she undertook to do it, he had just mentioned the question of payment, saying that she would let him know her charges some time, but since then the thought of what she was going to charge had not entered her head. And now, when she thought of those pleasant hours in his library, she disliked the thought of payment.I never heard of such talk, said she. Pray dont let us have any more of it. For shame!

      "Why then, my Lord," replied Turner, "this matter settled, I and these vassals of yours here, would ask you to give this foolish man free warren again. We (mind your Lordship) going bail for his good bearing from this day forth, and"

      "Fear!" repeated the galleyman, as he gazed on the beautiful features of the abashed Lucy; "what can such an angel have to fear?and yet, by the saints! such a prize would tempt the honestest captain that ever commanded a vessel. Years have passed away since I last saw you;you were then but a child. You have forgotten mebut in storm or in sunshine, never have I forgotten you: the first sound of your voice, when I was aloft there, made my heart beatand I thought I would run all hazards and face you. Butyou don't know who is talking to youDo you?"Lastly advanced from among the bondmen, or villeins, the oldest servitor, and, holding his right hand over the book, pronounced after De Boteler

      He decided that the sheep should be Richard's special chargethey, at all events, could not make him sick; and if he was kept hard at work at something definite and important it would clear his mind of gentility nonsense. Reuben also had rather a pathetic hope that it might stir up his ambition.

      Chapter 15


      "Hold, Lord de Boteler," interrupted Father John, calmly; "the threat need not pass thy lips: I go; but before I depart I shall say, in spite of mortal tongue or mortal hand, that honor and true knighthood no longer preside in this hall, where four generations upheld them unsullied.""Meddling knave!" said he, "why did you interfere? The woman was deadwhat more would you have? Did you understand it to be the custom of the lord of Sudley to war with dead enemies?"


      "I don't like Alice Jury," she prattled, "she says just the opposite of what you say. She never lets herself agree with anyone. She's a contradictious female."


      "Yesafter they burnt the pl?ace down to the ground."