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      WHALE BREACHING. WHALE "BREACHING."The Countess pushed him from her with a merry smile.

      NED FERRY's a-comin' down de la--ane!"

      Lord Inverbroom suddenly stiffened."Good-morning," we said. One of the men was a sergeant. He scanned my animal, and then me, with a dawning smile. "That's a fightin'-cock of a horse you've got, sonny."

      But the other jerked his thumb toward the half-closed parlor, where Miss Harper and Ccile sat close, to each other absorbed in some matter of the tenderest privacy. "They'll attend to that," he muttered; "come on to bed and mind your own business."In the flower-show and among the tea-booths the party remained at their leisure until it was time to think of going away from Asakusa and seeing something else. As they came out of the temple grounds they met a wedding party going in, and a few paces farther on they encountered a christening party proceeding in the same direction. The wedding procession consisted of three persons, and the other of four; but the principal member of the latter group was so young that he was carried in the arms of one of his companions, and had very little to say of the performances in which he was to take a prominent part. Frank observed that he did not cry, as any well-regulated baby would have done in America, and remarked upon the oddity of the circumstance. The Doctor informed him that it was not the fashion for babies to cry in Japan, unless they belonged to foreign parents.

      "May I tell you?"The numbers were forthcoming, of course--190753 to 190832, the first half of which eighty 5 notes had been alluded to in the murdered man's letter.

      Lawrence proceeded to unpack his parcel. Inside were two cases which he opened and exposed in the light of the flaming gas.

      "Did you see me coming over the hill?" he enquired.


      Without pausing or turning an eye my hearer poured out a slow flood of curses. "If that whelp has come here of his own accord he's come for no good! Has he seen us?""What's the theory here, sir?" Prout asked respectfully.




      "I didn't say it, Lieutenant; you said it."