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      There was no question, however, about the devotion and strenuousness of his life. His congregation, in spite of the secession of such plain men as Mr Keeling, crammed his church to the doors and spilt into the street, and he kindled a religious fervour in the parish, which all the terrors of hell as set forth by his predecessor had been unable to fan into a blaze. In a thoroughly cheap but in a masterly and intelligible manner he preached the gospel, and in his life practised it, by incessant personal exertions, of which others as{109} well as himself were very conscious. It was more his surface than his essential self which was so deplorable a mass of affectation and amorousness, and the horror he inspired in minds of a certain calibre by his skippings and his shepherds crook and his little caresses was really too pitiless a condemnation. Indeed, the gravest of his errors was not so much in what he did, as his omission to consider what effect his affectionate dabs and touches and pawings might have on their recipients. He would, in fact, have been both amazed and shocked if he could have been an unseen witness of Alice Keelings proceedings when she found herself in the privacy of her own bedroom that night.

      Calverley was about to speak, when he was interrupted by De Boteler, who expressed himself dissatisfied with the explanations on both sides:

      Tyler, in his haste to seize the archbishop, stumbled over a lance which one of those who had fled with the prelate had dropped.SCENE FROM A JAPANESE COMEDY.--LOVE-LETTER DISCOVERED. SCENE FROM A JAPANESE COMEDY.LOVE-LETTER DISCOVERED.

      "Insolent priest!" returned Skipwith, in a suppressed tone, as his look wandered from the abbot to the distorted features of the departing. "I come, not as an individual to harass, but as a judge to fulfil the law."

      "And yet she was glad she'd goneshe'd rather be free too late than not at all."Very. Hes worthy of them too: he really likes them. Perhaps theyll civilise him. Do you know, I feel rather a brute for having gone there.


      "And I know a miss," said Fred, "that is better than any mile we have had to-day."


      "And sure," she said, "and I hope that wretched old Feejee won't be in Japan at all, at all, and the horrid haythens won't roast him."


      "I will tell her," returned the monk, "that a love so devoted, so disinterested, deserves in return an affection as pure: but if, after all this, her heart still prefers the yeoman Holgrave, I will say no more."